Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Progressives For The New millenium

The latest Truthout article gives us a great historical
view of the Progressive Movement in America.

Please read more, here.

Kate Loving Shenk
Nursing Career Transformation

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Utah Phillips

In this 'postmodernist' era of All Irony All The Time, I find Utah's songs, well, if not 'refreshing,' then definitely eye-opening.

Utah's Intro:

To this song:

( U. Utah Phillips)

I spent my whole life making somebody rich
I busted my ass for that son of a bitch
And he left me to die like a dog in a ditch
And told me I'm all used up

He used up my labor, he used up my time
He plundered my body and squandered my mind
And gave me a pension of handouts and wine,
Told me I'm all used up

My kids are in hock to a god you call Work
Slaving their lives out for some other jerk
And my youngest in 'Frisco just made shipping-clerk
He don't know I'm all used up

The young people reaching for power and gold
And they don't have respect for anything old
For pennies they're bought, for promises sold
Someday they'll be used up

They use up the oil, they use up the trees
They use up the air and they use up the seas
Well how about you, friend, and how about me
What's left, when we're all used up

I'll finish my life in this crummy hotel
It's lousy with bugs and my God, what a smell!
But my plumbing still works and I'm clear as a bell
Don't tell me I'm all used up

Outside my window the world passes by
It gives me a handout, and spits in my eye
And no one can tell me, 'cause no one knows why
I'm living, but I'm all used up

Sometimes in my dreams I sit by a tree
My life is a book of how things used to be
The kids gather 'round and they listen to me
They don't think I'm all used up

And there's songs and there's laughter and things I can do
And all that I've learned I can give back to you
And I'd give my last breath just to make it come true
To know I'm not all used up

They use up the oil, they use up the trees
They use up the air and they use up the seas
Well how about you, friend, and how about me
What's left, when we're all used up

- - - - - - - - -

BONUS UTAH -- Singing maybe my favorite Joe Hill song. I seem to recall it's being prominent in the great Bo Widerberg film (sadly, unavailable on DVD), but my memory could be faulty on that score... :-)

Monday, October 22, 2007

Al Frankin May Be The Next Paul Wellstone

No one can replace Paul Wellstone, the late great liberal Senator
from Minnosota.

And indeed, his seat has remained vacant since his unexpected death
in a plane crash several years ago.

But Al Frankin is running for Senator Wellstone's seat.

And he may win.

Read about this here.

Kate Loving Shenk
Nursing Career Transformation

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Run, Al, Run (For The Beleaguered Office Of President)

Please, Al Gore, run for the office of President Of The United States.

Just do it.

And have the time of your life--and everyone else's , too!!

Read more.......

Kate Loving Shenk
Nursing Career Transformation

Friday, October 12, 2007

Draft Al Gore For President

Al Gore won the Nobel Peace Prize for his outstanding
work to save the environment.

Breaking News May Be Accessed Here:

Now, with the Health Care Agenda safely remaining in the back pocket of the
insurance companies, perhaps Al Gore can fearlessly side with
the people and not the Special Interests.

In which case, I would not only vote for him, but tirelessly work for him.

Kate Loving Shenk
Nursing Career Transformation

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Protest Insane War Policies

Here are the final details for the Protest of President Bush's visit to Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Lancaster Coalition For Peace & Justice coordinating:

DATE: Wednesday, October 3, 2007
LOCATION: Bush will speak at the Jay Group Bldg., 700 Indian Springs Road (about six miles West of downtown Lancaster on Rt. 23).

We will meet at 10:55 a.m.
in the South Parking Lot of Weis Market (corner of Indian Springs and Stony Battery Roads). From there, we'll march up Indian Springs Road to as close as we can get to the Jay Group Bldg.

Bush's speech is scheduled to begin at 11:35.

[Map removed 10/18/07 to speed page loading.]


Our P4P group met last night and took a group photo to send to Move On,
to add to their other pictures protesting the obliteration of Free
Speech In America.

But Wait!! I'm writing this, aren't I?

And I am exercising my right to express, aren't I?

And "W" is coming to Lancaster County tomorrow--But don't let that
stop your Freedom Of Speech--

Join us at Penn Square in Lancaster 10/2/07 at 7 pm for a good old fashioned protest.

been protesting there as long as I can remember--for Civil Rights, to
end the Vietnam and Iraqi War--and one time my brother and I shouted at
Dan Quail to go back where he came from--don't even want to think about
where that might be.

Yep, that was in Penn Square, Lancaster, as well.

Enjoy the festivities--and camaraderie--

See you this evening.

Kate Loving Shenk