Sunday, December 23, 2007

pete seeger which side are you on

We wonder which side the major political candidates are on?

I believe most of them are on the side of the Insurance Companies and the major corporations.

I will be voting for the one candidate who is on the side of you and me.

Kate Loving Shenk

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Go California Nurses!!!!!!

Vice President Chaney is outraged by the ad presented by the California Nurses Association in Iowa.

But as the Nurses said, what is more outrageous is that if you or I got catastrophically ill, we would have to cover the costs ourselves, unless we are blessed with good Medical Insurance, which, in reality, is a thing of the past for most of us.

As an aside, the latest Blue Cross Anita Smith ad here in Pennsylvania shows the Blue Man groping Ms Hill. She slaps him and laughs hysterically after he touches her inappropriately.

These are the ads that finance all the television shows.

Working for a real Single Payer Health Care System has never been more important--or more difficult!!

Kate Loving Shenk
Nursing Career Transformation

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

A Collective Effort For The Common Good

I just scanned the web sites of all the Democratic Presidential
Candidates and was particularly energized by the Heartland Forum
in Des Moines, Iowa on the John Edwards page.

And the Edwards recent speech to the DNC was amazing.

Joe Biden also gave a convincing speech at that same meeting.
Senator Joe Biden's experience and commitment deserves praise.

But I keep coming back to the John Edwards message that people must
work together for the good of America.

Citizens of our country need to get involved. We can only make
the needed changes when we work collectively, as John Edwards
continues to passionately assert.

In my end of the world, our group, Progressives For Pennsylvania,
( continues to work for passage
of HB 1660, the best state wide Single Payer Health Care Plan in
the country.

HB 1660 is a model that other states can study and implement.

Our latest mission is to help organize the January 12th
Lancaster Pennsylvania Statewide Conference of Health Care
4 All, coinciding with the state wide meeting of the
Democratic Committee.

This is where the world of special interests meets with the will
of the common people.

Wish us luck, God/ess Speed, and a prevailing wind at our collective back!


Kate Loving Shenk
Nursing Career Transformation